Who Is To Be Held Responsible?

Unity is strength!!

At one point in time, I strongly believed that all government agencies were to be held responsible for future of the planet we now call home. I believed that they were fully in control of what is advertised and sold to us; even what we buy.

Who are the true ‘controllers’? Is it really government agencies which dictate what goes pubic? Is it really government agencies that decide how healthy we get to be or how clean or environment get to be? Let us be honest, is it really the government that is responsible for recreating a sustaible future for us, the generation to come and the next generation after?

Well, sadly, I used to fall into the many citizens who believe that the government is to be blamed for the current condition of the world. However, let us analyze things from a different light; the light that my Sustainability and Green Business class helped me to see things from.

Let me start by saying as much as the government has a role to play, we are responsible for creating our own sustainable future. It can be agreed that companies that sell us our goods and services can be held responsible for what we consume and what we give back to the earth. However, did you know that it is us that decide what a company should supply?

Companies depend on customers to succeed. Therefore, they will only provide what customers demand. This means that we, the customers, are fully in control of what happen to our land. Since we decide what we buy/support we get to decide if we work towards building a sustainable future.

Also, through this semester I learned that we can all make a sustainable change. It does not have to be a group change. There are also individual things we can change which will be positively beneficial to our environmental sustainability. Things as simple as usuing reusable bags, our turning off lights when not in use, replanting trees or even only by usuing biodegradable items can make a change. They might sounds small but thy can alll go a far way. Therefore, I have been viewing things differently, I now strongly believe that everything is team work. Therefore government should not be blamed for the sustainable growth of society but, in fact we should all be blamed, we should all take responsiblity and we should all work towards building a sustainable future. Together we can do t. After all, Unity is strength!

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