Eat Less Meat

Eat less meat! Promote healthy lifestyle! Rebuild a healthy planet!

From time-to-time we all crave for some good beef, pork, goat, lamb and even chicken or turkey. One can easily conclude that society is becoming more obsessed with meat consumption. Yes, with this growing obsession comes the growing profit for producers. Many might say that it is a ‘win-win’ exchange because producers gain a profit and consumers get what they desire. However, we tend to ignore the fact that this growing obsession and profit also influence the growth of a sick planet. A diet heavy in meat can intensify the risk of heart disease and obesity. It also serve as a huge causative of cancer.

Furthermore, raising livestock, such as pigs, poultry and cows, generate a great amount of emissions in the atmosphere. In fact, animal agriculture is one of the biggest contribution to global warming because it generates even more gas than automobiles. As well as, gallons of water are being invested in livestock raring, forests are being destroyed to accommodate feed crop production for increased development of meat kind. This too is a causing effect of deforestation. Let’s not forget that the more livestock being raised, the more waste is being produced. Chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides are being used to spray plants for feeding and the animals themselves release waste. Most, if not all, of which is being released into our oceans, pollute it and endanger aquatic animals.

The increased consumption of meat is influencing climate change, soil and water pollution. Should we decide to reduce the amount of meat we consume, we will already be reducing these risks factors. We will be one step closer to positively improving the environment and our health. In-addition, we will be promoting healthier lifestyles and rebuilding a healthy planet. Now that is a sweet spot worth fighting for!

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