Eat Less Meat – Reflection 2

Under normal circumstances I do not succumb to pressure. However, it was my birthday and my son did persuade me to, well, EAT MEAT! The tragic incident occurred on March 11th, 2019 at, approximately, 6:38pm. I can clearly recall ordering Dahl and Roti from the restaurant for myself and curry chicken for my son. Unfortunately, I didn’t check our bags until we were home and ready to eat. Sadly, my Dahl was missing and my son did jump at the opportunity to force me to eat some of his chicken. Of course, I was reluctant but he eventually persuaded me to consume it.

After the fact, I felt ill. I am unsure if I felt ill because of guilt or because my system got used to the vegetables instead. I intend to go back to my regimen and I also intend to randomly switch and eat meat for a night. The purpose of this will be to note how my body will react to the change. I will let you know the date I plan to do the ‘change reaction experiment’, the process and the results. In addition, because I broke my regimen I intend to extend my time frame to April 12th. It is after the 12th that I will do the experiment.

Plans for my Eat Less Meat journey:

  1. Go back to my original fruits and vegetables diet.
  2. Choose a random date to eat meat. The purpose of this is to see how my body will react to the change of food.
  3. Note the date I disobeyed my regimen – March 11th 2019
  4. Note the date I resume my regimen – March 12th 2019
  5. Post the date I intend to break my regimen – TBA
  6. Note the changes that occurred throughout my journey
Note: Whenever you go to any store please remember to check your bags before you leave.
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