“Raising the bar on sustainability strategies”

Many strive to make their company more sustainable but are often times bypassing the importance of setting measurable goals. This, however, is not always the case and any company which can successfully integrate into its sustainability approach should be commended.

One such company is the Sustana Group. Sustana group is already one of the leading group in sustainability with one of the smallest footprints among in the recycling of fibers and paper product industry. They, in an attempt to transform into a complete systemic change, recently published their new strategy which “highlights the company’s environmental stewardship, sets benchmarks for future measurement and commits to working continuously to make its footprint smaller each year”. According to Michele Bartolini (senior marketing directing), “This new, comprehensive sustainability strategy will enable the company to address today’s global environmental and social challenges,”

This strategy is note worthy as it is designed to focus on the people, planet and products. Furthermore encouraging a thriving organization and community, environmental stewardship and circular value chain and products. Also, in order to continue to grow and strengthen their sustainability approach they created a very strategic plan to track their impactful goal over the years to come. In addition, in the Triple Bottom Line – “The Age of Sustainability”, Savitz emphasized that sustainability success is totally dependent on a goal oriented team with measurable goals. Therefore, Sustana Group is already on the path to long term success.


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