Carbon Footprint

The amount of carbon dioxide that is being emitted in our atmosphere has been greatly impacting or land. Many might argue that global warming doe not exits or we, humans, are not to be blamed for the global warming. However, how aware are we that it is our actions, something as simple as the cars we are driving, that are contributing to the downfall this earth? This, along with other factors which can all be summarized by simply stating that it is our way of life that will lead to the disastrous ages. Take a look at this above video it is very informative. enjoy!

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Who Is To Be Held Responsible?

Unity is strength!!

At one point in time, I strongly believed that all government agencies were to be held responsible for future of the planet we now call home. I believed that they were fully in control of what is advertised and sold to us; even what we buy.

Who are the true ‘controllers’? Is it really government agencies which dictate what goes pubic? Is it really government agencies that decide how healthy we get to be or how clean or environment get to be? Let us be honest, is it really the government that is responsible for recreating a sustaible future for us, the generation to come and the next generation after?

Well, sadly, I used to fall into the many citizens who believe that the government is to be blamed for the current condition of the world. However, let us analyze things from a different light; the light that my Sustainability and Green Business class helped me to see things from.

Let me start by saying as much as the government has a role to play, we are responsible for creating our own sustainable future. It can be agreed that companies that sell us our goods and services can be held responsible for what we consume and what we give back to the earth. However, did you know that it is us that decide what a company should supply?

Companies depend on customers to succeed. Therefore, they will only provide what customers demand. This means that we, the customers, are fully in control of what happen to our land. Since we decide what we buy/support we get to decide if we work towards building a sustainable future.

Also, through this semester I learned that we can all make a sustainable change. It does not have to be a group change. There are also individual things we can change which will be positively beneficial to our environmental sustainability. Things as simple as usuing reusable bags, our turning off lights when not in use, replanting trees or even only by usuing biodegradable items can make a change. They might sounds small but thy can alll go a far way. Therefore, I have been viewing things differently, I now strongly believe that everything is team work. Therefore government should not be blamed for the sustainable growth of society but, in fact we should all be blamed, we should all take responsiblity and we should all work towards building a sustainable future. Together we can do t. After all, Unity is strength!

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Below is the link to my YouSustain actions calculator.

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Energy Conservation 2

Practicing is the key to perfection!!

When my son and I first started this journey it was difficult. We oftentimes forgot to turn lights and electronics off when not in use. There were even times when the television would stay on for the entire night. That was then! This is now! We are doing a much better job at controlling our actions. Lights are off when not in use. Electronics are off when not in use. However, recently I forgot to turn off the microwave fan but I am now paying more attention to my surroundings. Otherwise, my practices are in good standing.

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Eat Less Meat – Reflection 4

I still stick to my morning routine by mostly consuming nuts and fruit smoothies. When time permits, lunch is always a healthy meal too. Dinner, however, from time-to-time, I do consume meat in an attempt to balance my diet but, I am in the process of researching substitutes should I exclude it all together. Also, I have to admit that I do not eat meat on a daily basis. In addition, water plays an important role in my journey and, therefore, I try to consume at least four bottles of water per day. How is your diet?

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Picture This!!!

I decided that, in this blog post, I would change things up by posting only pictures about sustainability. I hope you like it.

Pictures can tell a story too…

It is shameful to see the amount of waste being emitted into our waters. I do agree that inventing a drainage system will be beneficial to our planet. However, while this drain is helping, to some extent, what is going to happen when it is full and the garbage starts to build up in the pipe itself? Is it that they plan to constantly change the mesh whenever it is full? What about the extremely small items that can easily pass through the mesh?
Sustainable promotion at its finest. Ordering one box will result in the replanting of, not one, but three trees. This is a good turn around for our beauty department.
It is commendable to know that the next generation is taking a sustainable stand. Sometimes it is not the major things that we do that can make a change. It is indeed the small sacrifices we make. A little help can go a far way.

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“Sustainable Living In NYC”

  • “Why are there hungry people in a world of abundance?”
  • How can we help to create a sustainable city?
  • Instead of being wasteful, what can we do with excess food?

On numerous occasions, my family and I, well, we cook too much food and, eventually, a good amount goes to waste. Especially in thanksgiving, I can confess that we tend to be wasteful with food. I am sure that many Americans tend to do the same thing too. I am also aware of the fact that it is known to all of us that there are countless homeless and hungry people residing in our city. Though one might argue that we are not responsible for ‘them’, what harm would it bring us if share with our neighbors? We do share the same subways, streets, stores, etc…right? Therefore, if you have excess food, would you rather to throw it out than to share it with those in need?

By doing this, not only will we be playing our parts as good samaritans but we will also be practicing sustainability. The video below is very interesting. It zooms in on a sustainable business that is specialized in ‘giving’ to those in need. It also explains in details of how we can be sustainable just by ‘giving’. Enjoy!!!

We too can build a sustainable future. Why not play your part?
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Re:think Consumption

The creation of a sustainable future is totally dependent on all sectors in society. Like private sectors, public sectors and citizens are all responsible for the environmental and social improvement of society. What if it is only businesses that are practicing sustainability? What if consumers refuse to support sustainable business? What if government refuse to build and improve proper sustainable practices? What would happen to society five to ten years from now?

Re:thinking Consumption zoomed in on the the fact that consumers are now considering sustainable practices. His market analysis is as follow:

  1. customers number one priority is safe drinking water
  2. customers have sources that they trust most. These include certification seal, media reports and reviews from other customers.

This is indeed an interesting and informative article.

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Eat Less Meat – Reflection 3

I have been consistent with my diet. I am satisfied with my progress and meat consumption is becoming less and less tempting. Also, I do take dietary supplements on a daily basis.

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McDonough’s Vision for the New World

William McDonough’s Vision is to create “a delightfully diverse, safe, healthy and just world, with clean air, water , soil and power – economically, equitably, ecologically and elegantly enjoyed”.

He made a few interesting points about the current world. That of the harmful rubber ducky, created for children, is also an interesting highlight. I am pleased that they are now creating toys that are less harmful. Also, his long term strategies for sustainable designs are very remarkable. I do look forward to the changes from this world to the new world.

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