Eat Less Meat – Reflection 1

Eat less meat! Promote healthy lifestyle! Rebuild a healthy planet!

At the start of the semester, I highlighted the importance of consuming less meat. Since then, I have been following such practices. It has been a very hard task since my son is always eating meat around me. I have to say that temptation has been playing a very important role in my ‘meatless’ journey. Also, most times, I have to prepare two different meals at home. This tend to be very time consuming. However, I have been doing a good job and I am very proud of my results.

Furthermore, my diet mainly consists of fruits and vegetables. For breakfast I consume fruit smoothes with a side of any nut; lunch- I have vegetable salads, pastas, vegetable loaves, etc.; dinner varies and would be the heaviest meal of my day. I do know that breakfast should be the heaviest meal however, time does not allow me to change this aspect of my diet as yet but I am working towards it. Also, I do try to have my last meal by 6pm everyday, 7pm the latest.

My observations since I start my ‘meatless’ journey:

  1. My skin has a healthy glow.
  2. I am experiencing slight weight loss.
  3. I feel less tired.
  4. I look less droopy than I usually do.
  5. I tend to be more energetic.
  6. Improved cognitive thinking skills .
  7. I have more positive energy/mood through out my days.

I intend to continue this practice for the duration of March. What have you been doing to make a change?

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