My name is Tyrone Burgess and I am pursuing a BS in Business. With only a few semesters left to complete this journey, I have to be mindful of the amount of credit I take on due to my busy work life. I currently reside in Queens with my 11 year old son and i’m an avid lover soccer and reggae music. In another life I thought that I was going to be a soccer player or an entertainer!!

For the past 5 years I have been the chief engineer for NYC Health and Hospital in South Brooklyn. Working in plant operations, parts of my daily activities include: project management and development, overseeing HVAC and HVACR repairs & installation, along with supervisions of maintenance men, operating engineers and mechanical engineers. I have to also be versed in the manipulation of my yearly budget and the purchasing of parts, equipment and products pertinent to plant operation.

Most recently I started a coffee company which currently specializes in selling Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and I do believe that this class will be extremely helpful in this endeavor. It is my intention to use this class as the guide to making my business environmentally friendly and sustainable for years to come. Furthermore, this blog is intended to serve as a ‘personal journal’ along this journey toward sustainability. As I document my reflections and actions throughout this semester, I hope this blog will also serve as an inspiration to my fellow teammates.

I look forward to working with and interacting with you all. I wish everyone the very best throughout the duration of the semester. Good Luck!