Climate Change and Sustainability

Time to end the fire we started.

Climate change is a matter we are all aware of. However, do we know the negative effects climate change is having on nature?

According to the acciona article, the global increase in temperature is having negative impacts on physical, biological and human systems. It also states that each impact affects the other, as all aspects are interrelated.

  1. Physical – melting in the poles, glaciers, snow and ice; drought; flooding in rivers and lakes.
  2. Biological – wildfire among plant lives and the relocation of flora and fauna in search of ‘better life conditions’.
  3. Humans – destruction of crops and livelihood, desease and death.

This article successfully highlights the impacts of climate change. However, I strongly believe that the real questions, at this point , should be:

  1. What are the major causes of climate change?
  2. Is there anything that can be done to reduce/prevent climate change?

As the ‘Green Team’, we should all know that one of the keys to reversing climate change is proper sustainability practices. We might think that we can not make a difference alone but a wise man once said, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”. I believe that change start on an individual level and, so, I implore us, from this day onward, to start personal sustainability practices and eventually influence those in our environments to join in the ‘change’.

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