A New Perspective – The Fashion Industry

In this day and age, fashion and individuality is highly recommended/recognized. We all have our own ‘style’ and our own brands that we support because they ‘speak to our fashion senses’. We are also always concerned about, and interested in, what is trending in the fashion world. However, who would have thought that fashion would come second, after the oil industry, on the chart polluters in the world?

In an attempt to ‘fix fashion’s pollution problem’, Amit Karla made three valid suggestions:

  1. Design recycleabe clothing
  2. Design compost clothing
  3. Instead of using the long lasting, harsh dyes on clothing, use dyes that can be easily accessible by everyone. He also suggested dyes from natural spices.

I strongly agree that ‘designing clothes with their death in mind’ is a good idea. What do you think?

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