Picture This!!!

I decided that, in this blog post, I would change things up by posting only pictures about sustainability. I hope you like it.

Pictures can tell a story too…

It is shameful to see the amount of waste being emitted into our waters. I do agree that inventing a drainage system will be beneficial to our planet. However, while this drain is helping, to some extent, what is going to happen when it is full and the garbage starts to build up in the pipe itself? Is it that they plan to constantly change the mesh whenever it is full? What about the extremely small items that can easily pass through the mesh?
Sustainable promotion at its finest. Ordering one box will result in the replanting of, not one, but three trees. This is a good turn around for our beauty department.
It is commendable to know that the next generation is taking a sustainable stand. Sometimes it is not the major things that we do that can make a change. It is indeed the small sacrifices we make. A little help can go a far way.

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