“Sustainable Living In NYC”

  • “Why are there hungry people in a world of abundance?”
  • How can we help to create a sustainable city?
  • Instead of being wasteful, what can we do with excess food?

On numerous occasions, my family and I, well, we cook too much food and, eventually, a good amount goes to waste. Especially in thanksgiving, I can confess that we tend to be wasteful with food. I am sure that many Americans tend to do the same thing too. I am also aware of the fact that it is known to all of us that there are countless homeless and hungry people residing in our city. Though one might argue that we are not responsible for ‘them’, what harm would it bring us if share with our neighbors? We do share the same subways, streets, stores, etc…right? Therefore, if you have excess food, would you rather to throw it out than to share it with those in need?

By doing this, not only will we be playing our parts as good samaritans but we will also be practicing sustainability. The video below is very interesting. It zooms in on a sustainable business that is specialized in ‘giving’ to those in need. It also explains in details of how we can be sustainable just by ‘giving’. Enjoy!!!

We too can build a sustainable future. Why not play your part?
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